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Laser Radial Youth World Championships - Pressrelease

Laser Radial Youth Worlds:

Italy was dominating - one title for Great Britain

Four titles were granted at the Laser Radial Youth World Championships. Three of them went to Italy. "We had all types of conditions from strong to light, shifting winds. Therefore the best sailors, who could handle all conditions well, did win the titles", explained Eric Faust, President of the Laser Class Association. With almost 400 sailors from 45 nations it was not just a big and important event for the Laser class, but also for the sport.  "No matter whether the sailors will later be sailing in Olympic classes or the Americas Cup, they have spent some time in the Laser", summed up the American sailor.

Around 400 young sailors from 45 nations were participating at the Laser Radial Youth World Championships.

All in all the young Laser Radial sailors have been sailing eleven races within six days in Kiel. They could start two races per day, only on the final race day, the wind was dropping and there was only one race in the end.  "We had everything to offer, all sorts of weather and sailing conditions", said the Head of Organization Dirk Ramhorst from the Kiel Yacht Club. He was very satisfied and had received positive feedback from the sailors as well as the teams.  "We enjoy having the Lasers here and they also enjoy coming to us", stated Ramhorst from Daenischenhagen.

Just like sunshine and rain took turns, the athletes were also experiencing highs and lows, sometimes winning a race and ending up in the middle of the fleet in the next one. "It was a successful event", explained Eric Faust.  "We have eleven from twelve races in the ranking." He said, Kiel was always a good place to host events, because he would be sure, that he could count on the professional team and support of the city of Kiel.

Italians are dominating in Kiel. Matilda Talluri and Guido Gallinaro were defending their leading position in the U19 ranking also in the last race. The third one of the successful trio is Cesare Barabino (picture) in the U17 ranking.

"It's wonderful.  A dream has come true", stated the new World Champion (U19) Matilda Talluri from Italy with joy.  She had been a bit nervous at the start, since the top of the fleet was very close together regarding the point score. "I have not been an excellent sailor so far", she explained, why winning the title is of great importance to her. The race today did not go well, but she was happy, that she made it and it is now over.  Matilda Nicholls (Great Britain) did win Silver and Ana Moncada Sanchez (Spain) Bronze.

"Yeah", Carolin Mueller (Fuerstenberg/place 37) shouted happily, when she crossed the finish line. She won the first race of the last day and at the same time the last one of the title races before Carlotta Cruesemann (Kiel/place 31).  "Hey, how great was that", shouted the sailor from Kiel to the winner.  Especially on the downwind courses, the sailor from a boarding school did gain ground. Carolin Mueller already had taken over the lead on the first downwind and was defending it until the finish. 

Julia Buesselberg (Berlin) had to take the ungrateful 4. place as the best German.  "I was a bit unlucky, that the last race was cancelled, where I was in quite a good position", she said.  It would have been her last chance to make up for the two points, that were missing for the Bronze medal.  "Actually I am satisfied with my performance except for the first day of the final races, which had cost me a medal." There is not much time to take a deep breath for Julia Buesselberg. Thursday the sailor from Berlin will be going to Japan for the World Cup. 

For Alex Schonrock (Great Britain), place 17 in the last race was enough to win the title in the U17 girls' fleet. Giorgia Cingolani (Italy) and Eline Verstraelen (Belgium) are following on rank two and three.

Guido Gallinaro (Italy) did have a good start. Although he was only leading by one point, he was concentrating on his own race. "I gave my best." Only when it went well, he also looked at his competitors and did leave a gap between him and the other title contenders.  „I am happy. I have been waiting for the title." With a place 22 Josh Armit (New Zealand) could not be of any danger for him anymore and did win the Silver medal followed by Francesco Viel (Italy).

In the U17 ranking, Cesare Barabino did win the title followed by Iren Tom Higgins and Michal Krasodomski (Poland). After he took over the lead after the start, Cesare Barabina could dominate the fleet and knew, he would also win the title with the victory in this race.  Higgins, who was leading until then, did finish as the third boat and missed the Gold medal by one point.

Julian Hoffmann (Oberstdorf) did finish the race as a discard.  So the 15-year old sailor became fourth in the U17 ranking.

Alex Schonrock (GBR) did win the U17 ranking in the Laser Radial girls’ fleet. Pictures: www.segel-bilder.de

The registration lists can be found under: sailing.laserinternational.org

Results of the regatta can be found here Laser Radial Youth World Championships

Laser Radial Youth World Championships
Participation for young sailors between 15 and 18 years (born: 2000 until 2003)
Four Worlds titles are to be assigned: Female sailors under 19 years, male sailors under 19 years. Female sailors under 17 years, male sailors under 17 years.



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Laser Radial Youth World Championships
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