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Elena Vorobeva wins Warnemünde Laser Cup and Paul Dijkstra wins Musto Skiffs German Open

With winds between 3 and 5 Beaufort, this Tuesday was a great sailing day. The 81st edition of the Warnemünder Woche bid farewell to the sailors of the Laser Europa Cup and the Musto Skiff German Open. Today, the OK Dinghies started the World Championship races and the A-Cats sailed the first European Championship races. Glenn Ashby, the Americas Cup winner, captured the victory of the first two races.

Altogether, 88 Laser Radial dinghies joined the competition. Elena Vorobeva (Croatia) won the match just ahead of Nazlı Çağla Dönertaş. Dönertaş began her sailing career in 2004 at Marmaris Yacht Club and became Turkish Champion with the olympic 470 Dinghy in 2008. In the 2016, the 1.73m tall woman, finished fifteenth during the Olympic sailing competitions which were held in Rio.

In the Laser Standard races, Dawid Kania (Poland) had the competition under control. His results were so good, he did not have to participate in the last race. Rodney Govinden was amongst those who had to make the longest journey to Rostock. He came all the way from the Seychelles and was rewarded with the second place ahead of Jakub Halouzka and Eris Malach from Hamburg.

Local hero Lukas Schranck used his knowledge of the area and won with five first places in six Laser 4.7 races. The 14-year-old from Rostock is part of a true sailing family: His father Thorsten is currently the new chairman of the Warnemünde Sailing Club and his brother Jakob heads its youth department. Patrikas Tamasauskas (Latvia) and Simone Babini (Italy) joined the podium for the Laser 4.7

At the German Open of Musto Skiff, the Netherlands celebrates a double victory. Paul Dijkstra secured the winning position with seven first places in nine races. The 31-year-old has won the German Open of the Skiffs after 2013. Jelmer Kuipers came in second, ahead of Iver Ahlmann (Germany).

“The Warnemünder Woche was perfect! It was a great venue abd we had a strong breeze, which I liked. It was also nice to go to the festival, where they had a lots of things to for my family” explained Paul Dijkstra added: “The race committee did a very good job in organize the races, because we did not have to wait too long between the races. Usually its different.”




Laser 4.7 (Europa Cup)

  1. GER 197200, Lukas Schranck
  2. LTU 198565, Patrikas Tamasauskas
  3. ITA 168600, Simone Babini
  4. LTU 195206, Nojus Bestauskas
  5. USA 208388, Amaya Escudero

Laser Standard (Europa Cup)

  1. POL 212506, Dawid Kania
  2. SEY 201441, Rodney Govinden
  3. CZE 211236, Jakub Halouzka
  4. GER 203247, Eric Malach
  5. GER 209556, Wolfgang Gerz

Laser Radial (Europa Cup)

  1. CRO 213363, Elena Vorobeva
  2. TUR 211912, Nazli Cagla Donertas
  3. FRA 212545, Yvan Beaufils
  4. GER 211211, Pia Kuhlmann
  5. GER 205277, Justin Barth

Musto Skiff German Open

  1. NED 478, Paul Dijkstra
  2. NED 175, Jelmer Kuipers
  3. GER 495, Iver Ahlmann
  4. RUS 479, Yaroslav Petrov
  5. GER 366, Marius Knippscheer

A-Cat Europeans (Tag 1)

  1. AUS 111, Glenn Ashby
  2. POL 17, Maciej Żarnowski
  3. NED 7, Mischa Heemskerk
  4. ESP 11, Manuel Calavia
  5. SUI 1, Sandro Caviezel


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